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FOIA FBI files on Nikola Tesla - Click each link to download

(We recommend you use WinRAR to open these archives)

Nikola Tesla FOIA FBI File 1 (4.14mb) Nikola Tesla FOIA FBI file 1

Nikola Tesla FOIA FBI File 2 (5.18mb) Nikola Tesla FOIA FBI file 2

The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla - 234kb Self extracting PDF file

Nikola Tesla: Prodigal Genius (Online Book)

1st part: LIGHT & POWER (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7)
2nd part: FAME & FORTUNE (Chapters 8, 9, 10 & 11)
3rd part: INTERNAL VIBRATION (Chapters 12, 13, 14 & 15)
4th part: SELF-MADE SUPERMAN (Chapters 16 & 17)
5th part: AFTERGLOW (Chapters 18, 19, 20 & Acknowledgements)
Prodigal genius: Index page (to the links above)
Acknowledgements/Related Materials/Links (to Tesla & the above)
Tesla patent list: Partial list of Tesla U.S. patents

Tesla Screensaver (293kb .rar file)... Download Screensaver It's alright!

Audio & Mp3 Editing Tools & Recommended Utilities

For all your audio fixing/editing needs Goldwave will do more than many other programs. Once your familiar with the interface, Goldwave (1.82mb) will become your most used audio editing program.

The 1st tool CueMaster (72kb) & the 2nd musicutter (353kb) can (& should) be used together. CueMaster is used to make cue sheets & musiCutter is used to split/join .mp3s & .ogg files. (At this time, musiCutter cannot split ogg files). To split a large .mp3/album file, load in a cue sheet (.cue file extension made in 'CueMaster') then point 'musiCutter' at the .mp3 file you want to split. The file will be split into single tracks using the CDDB data in the cue sheet (& can also be labelled & id3 tagged in the process).

Most of you should be familiar with AlbumWrap (516kb) But for those that aren't, AlbumWrap basically joins single mp3's together as an album file. Tracks can be extracted later using the free extractor. Mp3's made with AlbumWrap are identified by a file extension that ends '_ALBW.mp3' so can be easily identified in p2p programs. Also, broken files can be fixed using the other programs posted here.

The simplest way to split large mp3 files is to use Cool Mp3 Splitter (1.26mb) Very easy to use but low on features. (A good choice for beginners who are not familiar with Goldwave etc.)

Alba Extractor (407kb) This tool will extract mp3's from incomplete or broken AlbumWrap files in most cases. If not, use Cool Mp3 Splitter or GoldWave.

Leeds United FC Official Homepage For CD Ripping Aspi Layers Encoders For CD Ripping Lame Encoders
Free Up System RAM AMS Fast Defrag Autodialler for Dialup CiDial
yEnc Decoder & Binary Newsreader XNews Pop Up Stopper Popki v2.0
Notepad Utility Snippet Convert mp4, & mpc to mp3 dBpowerAMP

Interesting Links & Information

For much more Tesla... Bill Beatys Tesla Page

All you need to know about P2P/File Sharing...

All you need to know about Newsgroups...

Excellent CD ripper/audio converter & free... CDex CD Ripper

The Beautiful Game. Football news, results & more... Sporting Life Football

Graham Hancock Website.

Please MOVE & HOLD your MOUSE CURSOR over any WORD in the translated web page in order to see a pop-up window with ALTERNATIVE TRANSLATIONS.
InterTran ( can translate single words, phrases, sentences & entire web pages.

Useful Windows Utilities (XP / 2000 / NT Compatible)

DirectX for Win2k/NT (preferred older version)... DirectX 8.1 (MS DirectX page).

Net Transport... Download Download Manager inc. RealPlayer streams (Last FREE version).

C(rap) Cleaner... Download Clean your system properly & much more (All Win OS's).

Registry TuneUp... Download Advanced cleaning/editing of your system registry (All Win OS's).

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